Oral Surgery and Extractions

Oral Surgery and Extractions

The bones in all mouths are always changing or developing due to biology and regular use. This sometimes causes a negative impact in the mouth that may require oral surgery or extraction. But this procedure is often feared due to the potential pain involved with these techniques.

Comfortable tooth oral surgery in Miami is a cornerstone of Lastra & Raffel Family Dentistry for this very reason. There are several explanations for tooth ache – mouths are in constant movement – so it’s important to minimize any discomfort when performing oral surgery.

Obstruction and decay are common in everyone from babies to adolescents so it’s essential for any tooth extraction in Miami to occur under the care of experienced specialists.  Dr. Raffel and his team specialize in dental anesthesia to simplify the trauma that may come with the oral surgery process.  Gum disease surgery to wisdom tooth removal in Miami is provided with a serious emphasis on pain management.

Dr. Raffel’s Miami dental surgery is performed with topical numbing agents, injectable anesthetics, or nitrous oxide gas in order to alleviate aches.  These are common practices when treating teeth that are obstructive or damaged.  Monitoring this process to relieve distress is a critical part of the procedure during and after the process.

This process is necessary for treating out of control cavities, dealing with damaged root canals, dental emergencies like a septic tooth, and destroyed bridges.  Sometime, however, oral surgery is unavoidable.

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