Dental Implants

Dr. John Raffel and his team will create your new replacement teeth or restore any faulty crowns so that your smile is as good as new.

Whether you have lost one tooth or several, it has likely affected your life in a negative manner: Speaking is difficult, chewing is even more so, and even smiling is embarrassing. In addition, many dentists who offer dental implants will refer you to a periodontist, oral surgeon and/or others to perform each aspect of the procedure. This means spending significant amounts of time in different dental offices. If you live in Miami, FL, and are experiencing any of these issues, you have come to the right place.

At Lastra & Raffel Family Dentistry, we are fully equipped to perform the dental implants procedure in our own office and with one efficient team to take care of you. We will place the “root” of the implant, i.e., a titanium rod, into your jaw through a safe surgical procedure. The titanium rod will fuse to your jaw bone and act as an anchor for each replacement tooth. After allowing the affected area to heal, we will generally complete the procedure by designing and fitting a ceramic crown that will closely match the structure and appearance of your natural teeth.

Upon completion, the dental implants will allow you to:

  • Eat, speak, and smile with confidence
  • Anchor any removable bridges or dentures
  • No longer worry about any loose parts
  • Enjoy the benefits of a perfect artificial smile that looks and feels real
  • Show off your beautiful and healthy smile for years to come!

To learn about dental implants and whether you are a candidate for the procedure, please contact us today. Call or email your Miami dentist, and we will be happy to begin discussing your tooth loss treatment.