Dentistry is a constantly improving area that has seen great advancements over the past 5 years. However it is still ranked number 2 in people’s greatest fears. I know about dental fear, as a five year old I bit my dentist’s fingers; he wanted me to sit still and just stay open. My mother was told to bring me back when I was a human being (it took two years). Even then I knew he was not treating me correctly.

I have devoted my practice to helping people be comfortable with dental care.

Our staff is specially selected and trained to be caring and kind. We provide a special liquid to thoroughly numb the area before the pinch. We use many types of anesthesia to keep you comfortable for the proper time. An Alpha Stim unit clips on your ears, that you control, to help you relax. There is also nitrous oxide sedation; a mask is put over your nose and you can feel a little relaxed or as though you had two drinks (the effect is not long lasting and you can drive right after.) If that is not enough we can prescribe medicine you can take the night before and one hour prior to the dental visit that will enhance the effects of nitrous oxide or Alpha Stim. If there will be discomfort after a procedure I prescribe two medications in case one is insufficient.

In addition to relaxation, we use the best material and best laboratories to be sure our work is long lasting.

We make appointments only for one person so I have the time to do my best. I provide my personal cell phone number in case you have a question or have an emergency. I do return phone calls.

We are open Monday to Saturday from 8 a.m. – 6 p.m. Our office is a house office so we have parking in a large driveway alongside.