Dental Fillings

Dental Fillings

Extractions and dental surgery are sometimes necessary. Damaged teeth can become septic and cause a wide range of problems that can often be managed with far less invasive procedures. This is one of the reasons Lastra & Raffel Family Dentistry specializes in Miami dental fillings, effective treatment for many oral complications.

Decayed teeth are common because of the wear that occurs from eating, speaking, and other functions of the mouth. Professional tooth filling in Miami by the dedicated staff of Lastra & Raffel Family Dentistry restore damaged teeth, preventing continued harm.

Dr. Raffel incorporates contemporary methods to conceal work while fortifying teeth creating the essential method to perform a cosmetically aesthetic Miami dental filling.  Restoring bite strength without disregarding a smile’s appeal is essential for the treatment to be successful.

This process is perfect for treating cavities, dealing with root canals, dental emergencies like a chipped or damaged tooth, and are good alternatives to bridges.  A prompt filling can save the nerve, eliminate the need for future surgery, and end discomfort.

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