Consultation and Check-up

Consultation and Check-up

An examination of the teeth and gums every 6 months is critical to maintaining a healthy smile while ensuring the mouth’s health. A dental check-up in Miami is not a difficult thing to find, but the professionalism and experience offered at Lastra & Raffel Family Dentistry is something that’s hard to replicate.

A dental consultation in Miami involves basic cleaning and scaling as well as diagnosis of further recommended treatment. Also, Dr. Raffel and his staff answer any questions patients may have.

One particular area of importance critical to any Miami dental consultation is the overall analysis.  Brushing, flossing, and mouthwash clean well, but a check-up does more than clean the material these methods leave behind.  Dr. Raffel explores below the surface to pick up any problems that could threaten a patient’s wellbeing.

Regardless of age or personal health history, Lastra & Raffel Family Dentistry provide the service healthy mouths need.

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